Where in the hell have I been?

Good evening ladies,

Yes, I’m alive. Barely.

Sorry to say, I’ve been dealing with some medical issues lately. This little upset has kept me from writing and I apologize.


I do have a new chapter from Pledge to a Viking almost ready for my BTEA, Kleannhouse to review.

In the meantime, since we are currently celebrating Christmas and I know some of you have not read this past story of mine.

I’ll just leave a link from my last year’s submission to Kittyinaz’s Christmas writing contest.


She is amazing folks. Go check out her site and pay her some love. Til we meet again loves!

She is amazing folks, an unreplaceable asset to the Sookiverse fandom. Go check out her site and pay her some love.

Til we meet again loves!




6 thoughts on “Where in the hell have I been?

  1. Dory is perfect for the message you are sending us. Sorry to hear you have been dealing with health issues and I hope the fact that you are writing again is an indication things are better now.
    And thanks for reminding us of this lovely story you wrote, and of course it’s exactly what fits for the season.


  2. I’m so sorry to read that you’ve been dealing with health issues. I do hope that you’re on the mend or feeling better these days. I’ll keep you in my thoughts & prayers for some resolution to these medical issues and look forward to exchanging our silly comments again soon! I wish you the best, along with some peace & laughter! Both are great medicine, no matter what ails ya! They’re also just great things to have, especially this time of year!


  3. Take care of yourself and don’t worry about anything else. We will all be here when you return completely with your fabulous self! You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers for good health and some calm whenever and wherever you can find it! Loved your Christmas entry from last year…can’t wait to read it again! Be well! ❤


  4. Sorry you havnt been feeling well!! So excited for your next chapter! I gonna go read your other story now just so I can get my fairy fix till you post the next chapter


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