Attention Please, Another Update coming your way!


Hey, peeps!

I know we’ve seen yet another crazy person try and take over our beloved fandom this week. With bullying and threats. It’s frustrating to see crazy people act crazy and ruin all the fun we are having.

But in the words of our friend, Woody.

I’m not worried, you shouldn’t be worried.

Crazy people/trolls/goblins on is a given.


Everyone loves reading about violence and lemons. Trust me, we do! Don’t be shy. Just fill up your drink of choice, grab a donut and cuddle close to your computer as we, the Authors. Weave tales that will amaze, astound and probably arouse you. Job well done in my book.

We Authors are mostly aware of the situation and striking back. How can you help? Keep reading. Send love to the work you read, send a review of encouragement. Hey, sometimes we need it. We’re human after all.

I love you all for following my work, here, on TWCS and I love seeing replies that you dropped what you were doing to read something I wrote. I’m working hard for you to makes sense and put Eric and Sookie where they need to be in ALL my works. And that will always be a Happily Ever After! 🙂

Seriously, thank you!


Here is a NEW Chapter from A Brush with Death

Featured Image -- 738

No Beta this time but please enjoy anyway!



3 thoughts on “Attention Please, Another Update coming your way!

  1. Yes, well said. I’ve been around this fandom forever it seems. Trolls appear & disappear at will. They always have, they always will, yet we remain. Sybil’s a pain in the ass, but she’ll soon be gone to troll heaven or hell, wherever it is they go. We’ll be laughing about her in no time, that is, if the rest of you aren’t laughing already. I know I am! 🙂


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