The AFTER Black Friday UPDATE!


Howdy peeps!

I just finished my glass of wine and did absolutely NO Black Friday shopping today.

I never do. I don’t believe in it. I’ll just do what other Americans do…shop online.

Then in two weeks remember that I forgot twelve additional gifts and window shop like a proper procrastinator. Lol!

For those of you who shopped and lived to tell the tale, my hat is off to you. For you dear readers are braver than I.

Back to the reason for the post….

A NEW Update for Pledge to a Viking is up.

I know most everyone is worried about how Sookie could manage that delicious platter and all that citrusy lemon juice. The answers are here.

I would never leave to you all hanging.

Or, well, I might…but not too terribly long.



Anywho, just click the banner below to be taken right to Chapter 11


Thanks so much for reading! And I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!




4 thoughts on “The AFTER Black Friday UPDATE!

  1. No Black Friday shopping for me either, or what I refer to as “Man’s inhumanity to man day.” I’ll stick to the online shopping; don’t have to leave the house and I can do it in my pajamas! 🙂 I send the hubby out for the rest, and then hit the grocery store to buy gift cards for those last minute ones! We’ll be done next week. The wrapping? That we’ll put off till the last possible minute.


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