NEW! Pledge to a Viking- UPDATE!

Hello darlings,

In the wake of the terrorists attacks on our friends in France, my heart goes out to you.

My nation stands with you.

I hope this post finds you safe and well.

God bless you and know that here in America we went through similar circumstances and we overcame.

Just as your country will.


I meant to post earlier today, but time got away from me. My apologies.

Here have some eye candy for the inconvenience.


I have updated the BACK, HOME and NEXT buttons for Chapter 8, finally!

How annoying when you can not easily maneuver through someones WordPress page! I find it highly lame myself!

LOL! Anywho, please thank the beautiful Kleannhouse for her Beta skills and Kittyinaz for the delightful banner!

P.S. Click on it to go directly to Chapter 9. 😉


Thank you so much for reading, reviewing and laughing at my ridiculous musings.

What can I say? I can get pretty far out there, thank you for coming with me.

Love Always,


3 thoughts on “NEW! Pledge to a Viking- UPDATE!

  1. The comments box it’s not there. I leave my comment here to Chapter 9. It’s time to relax on the island. They being relaxed know one another better. Eric is being honest and open (more open than usual). I like it.


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