Lemons, lemons everywhere…

Good evening dear readers!

Hold onto your ever lovin’ summertime ice cold beverage dreams ladies and gents.

We have LEMONS!


Lots of lemons!

I absolutely HATE spoilers, but I didn’t want to post Chapter 7 of Pledge to a Viking and not warn you all to read somewhere in private…

or fuck, read somewhere to make others uncomfortable.

You dirty little sluts. 😉


Oh wait, I wrote this….hmm.




Love to you all! Thank you for following me on my writing journey. I can’t wait for your reviews.

Now, Just click on the beautiful banner from Kittyinaz


Thank Kleannhouse for giving Chapter 7 the good thrice over.




2 thoughts on “Lemons, lemons everywhere…

  1. I love your author notes! They are so funny! So reading these makes me a slut? Hot damn! I thought I might have had that reputation 30 some years ago or more, but this was all it took? Well, what the hell am I waiting for? Onto the slutastic chapter! 🙂


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