Happy Early Sunday!

And it’s another Update for Pledge to a Viking!

What can I say, this story has a strong cadence. This tale probably won’t be more than 15 chapters….Maybe less with the amount of words I’m writing per chapter.

But seriously hang onto something people!

Plots are in motion that Sookie and Eric have to deal with…soon.

Also this story, like ALL of my work is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Just an advisory unless you want your boss, significant other or total stranger seeing what you are reading, take care to mind your surroundings. 😉

Many of you voiced your concerns that Sookie was not filling Eric in about Quinn and the threat he poses. We will get to that in this chapter, don’t you worry. The Viking is prepared for all likelihoods. 😉

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and questions. You get my muse doing cartwheels all over the place and she is a joy to write for right now!

Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Early Sunday!

  1. Ha! You’re doing a splendid job with this story! Ignore the naysayers, it’s called “setting up” the plot! This takes a little time, and you’re writing it perfectly. Keep it going. Those that say such things will always find some little tidbit and make it negative. Ignore them. This story is well worth the wait! 🙂


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