Birthday Surprise: Gift for All

And another…

Title: Birthday Surprise
Author: TBA
Recipient: Gift for All
Rated: T for mild language
All Human. No other warnings. Thank you to Natsgirl1 for giving this the once over for me.
AN: Please forgive the supposed typo when Jason enters the picture. It isn’t a typo, it’s just Jason.
There is also a nod to the incomparable Ericizmine’s Saints and Sinners in the form of sparklers on a birthday cake.
Thanx to Breathes for bouncing additional ideas and innuendoes back and forth with me.
Unfortunately, I do not own Southern Vampire Mysteries or True Blood or the characters therein: Charlainne Harris, Allan Ball and HBO do. I just give them a fresh breath of life once in a while.

Birthday Surprise

Queen of Area Five Note: Due to the original recipient dropping out, this story is now a gift for everyone.

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