Review for A Brush With Death by FairyTale Amber

Hey look, a review about A Brush with Death. For those who follow the story already. Thank you! For those new and checking out things, let me know what you think. Much love to Kittynaz! Who is also an amazing writer and Fanfiction oasis coordinator. Please go and visit her, read her work and leave her reviews. Authors love positive and constructive feedback!

The Non-Canon Awards

Ok!  I got this ready to go early, and I am doing a bunch of newer stories for a little bit.  Then I will go back to some older stories.  I am trying to get you guys to where you visit some old favorites, and some new ones.

For some of you guys, the older stories are new to you, since most of these stories were pulled from FanFiction, then moved to WordPress.  There is a Directory now, Fangbangers Anonymous. Click on the name to be taken there if you are not already a member!  I am a member of this site, and love how they try to help us all out.

Also, as soon as it comes out, there will be a Rec site for ALL fanfiction.  We are starting out with my favorites, since the ladies who are working with me have filled the database behind it to…

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