I love you THIS much!

Good evening/early morning, depending on your current location. 🙂

Thank you all for reading and reviewing my work with Eric and Sookie. I love and adore your comment to me, thank you!

These two lovers fascinate the shit out of me. And you as well, why else would you read this fandom.


So I worked my little ass off this fourth of July weekend to bring you more. Much more of A Brush With Death, from Eric’s POV.

Hip, hip hooray and I hope you enjoy his inner musings. I certainly did!

As of now I am working on Scratches, Dead and Loving It! and My Heartbreak Song.

One of those stories will be getting wrapped up before the end of summer.

Which one?

You tell me. Is there a story I need to focus on first? I am happy to make you happy.

First things first, go READ! Click on that fabulous banner that the lovely and adorable Kittinaz created.




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