New Chapter-My Heartbeat Song!

Oh look, the cliffs of Insanity!

man in black

Yes, huge fan of the Princess Bride, deal with it! 🙂

Two posts for two stories in a few days? What the hell is wrong with me? 🙂 Ask my Mom, she will tell you.

I’ve been working, writing and reading. On top of RL that we all have, I am trying to devote more time to my craft and a sincere promise not to write….too many…more…cliffhangers.

Whew, I feel better now!

I don’t think I say this enough, thank you all for reading and reviewing my work.

I have been writing since September 2014, yup I’m a newbie! And it still shocks the shit out of me that anyone reads my blatherings about Eric and Sookie.

*Sending kisses and hugs!*

Featured Image -- 485

Oh baby, we do! We soooooo do!

Without further adieu, click on the only banner I have made and please read Chapter 4 of My Heartbeat Song!


Enjoy ~FTA


2 thoughts on “New Chapter-My Heartbeat Song!

  1. “The Cliffs of Insanity,” that’s where I live! I was so thrilled to hear that in one of my favorite movies! Love “The Princess Bride.” And who around here doesn’t love Eric?


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