You want a new chapter of Dead and Loving it!

Howdy readers!

I have to say thank you. I saw the nominations for the New Blood Awards and so far I have been nominated 9 times!

Wow! I have no words…


You all are so wonderful to read my work chapter after chapter. It really floors my senses that you think I could ever be in the same league with the other amazing and talented authors. Their work as well as the Veterans of this, our beloved fandom have kept me around for years and will for many more to come.

Hey, man, I have some serious stories to tell and finish telling. So you all are stuck with me. 🙂

But seriously, thank you! If you can spare a minute, go and nominate your favorite new writer or story, and perhaps your favorite villain.

I guarantee you will make their day just like those of you who nominated me have made mine.

A thousand kisses, THANK YOU!


Oh, the other reason for this post!

A brand spanking new chapter for Dead and Loving it!


Now, don’t be afraid but there is a disclaimer here. I know, I hate them too. But read it and then make a choice about which parts to read or not.

I don’t add these types of things…too often. But I didn’t want to surprise anyone. Are we cool? No pitchforks? Alrighty then, click on the banner below to take you to Chapter 15.

pic Dead and Loving it!

Last thought, I worked very hard not to leave you on edge. Aren’t I special? Don’t you love me? Well, if you thought I was pretty sweet for not leaving you hanging from a cliff,

you will love the touch of lemon I added.

Happy Saturday Everyone!



3 thoughts on “You want a new chapter of Dead and Loving it!

  1. Congratulations on all of your nominations! Good for you! I love the stunning banner! It’s beautiful, and it’s so fitting/


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