Damn it Eric!!

A round of applause for 4padfoot! She pulled this together so quickly and seamlessly.
Congratulations to all the nominees and the winners! Your talent and phenomenal stories deserve to be the best of the best in the fandom!
I also want to thank the other ladies who made this award season possible before this newest version was updated. Thank you Gyllene, Kittinaz, mistressjessica1028 and magsmcdonald. You ladies set these awards in motion and you will forever have my gratitude. I hope that we can all continue to support each other veterans and newbies, readers and writers. This fandom has been my saving grace for years and I don’t want to loose it to pettiness.
Much love to you all!
Again, Huge Congratulations to the winners! See you in the New Blood awards!

You Want Blood Awards


The two saxon vampire guards heard screeching and crashing from inside the room they were set to guard.  After turning to look at each other they hear a female yell.

“Damn it, Eric! They have already left.  They are not expecting to come back until the 29th.”  the voice is heard as the saxons wonder what is going on.  CRASH!   “You … you… you…you killed my laptop…my brand new laptop!!!”

The door is opened and the viking’s head peeks out the door.  “Get everyone back here now!” Then he promptly slams the door.

“How are we suppose to do that?” they stated together as they glance down the hallway where the ladies had left 5 hours ago.

“Well, hello again everyone seems Eric was impatient and decided to surprise everyone as soon as I finished the banners today.” the woman glared at him as he stood to the…

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