New Update for “My Heartbeat Song” Chapter 3

Hello, darlings!

Thank you to all you beautiful readers who follow my posts, read my work and review diligently. Also, I am still in shock at being nominated in the True Blood Awards. Voting is open, so get on over there and vote for your favorites!!!

Back on topic, I adore reading all your thoughts about how I play with these beloved characters. The truth, as most of you know, is that that I was greatly displeased with the book series and the show. I know most if not ALL of you feel the same way.

So now I get to write my own plotlines and fairytales. To work out every scenario that I can possibly think of. Maybe some I can’t. How many ideas do I have? Well, besides all the stories listed here on WordPress, some with many chapters yet to be posted. I have at least fifteen story ideas.

Yeah, you read that right. So hold on to your hats ladies and gents!

My hubby just finished his first year of law school! Woo-hoo! And he will be starting his internship in another week or so. That means I’ll be left to write to my little heart’s desire.


Back to the reason for this post.

My Heartbeat Song.

Are you ready for Eric to meet Gran? Me too, Sookie is a little nervous. But in a good way. Remember how excited you were to invite a guy you are seriously crushing on home. Well, that is more or less what happens here…and then we take a turn. Enjoy by clicking on the banner below.

Happy Reading!


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