Where the FUCK are you?

Hi everyone!

Well, this is an update on just what the hell I’ve been up to. I am elbow deep in Dead and Loving it!

In fact, I am adding the finishing touches to the next two chapters, so look for those this weekend. 🙂



I love this story, adore it actually. Godric and I have been in deep conversation for weeks now. He has ideas, I have concerns.

Some readers have expressed their hatred of threesomes.

Let me respond to that. I respect your choice to read whatever you like and love. If my story takes this turn and I lose you as a reader for Scratches, no hard feelings. On my part, hopefully not your either. You should only read what you love. I do! But I can guarantee you an amazing journey no matter which road I follow Godric on.

To be clear, I don’t hate the idea of a tri-bond, with loads of lemons. There are some incredible tri-love stories out there in the Sookiverse, some meh, forgettable, some fics that are HOT as FUCK, written so right…

that its,




Having said that, I’m only 75% sure which way Scratches is going to go. But you will get an update this month, pinky swear.


Thank you for being patient while Godric and I worked it all out.





21 thoughts on “Where the FUCK are you?

  1. I love that last picture, lol. I am writing a story (haven’t published any of it) at the moment and I need to make this decision too. I have written one E/S/G threesome (very) short story and they are much more difficult to write than twosome sex so that might make my decision, lol. Good luck with making yours! 🙂

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    1. Thanks. I love that pic, it is so unlike Eric and Godric that we know. But still fun! I believe I have read that story of which you speak of. Threesome stories can become all about the sex, which is wonderful when I think of E/S/G but I need lots of heart too! I will enjoy your new story when you post it! 🙂

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      1. Thanks! I hope so! I agree that I need the emotion behind the sex. That’s why I’m trying to decide which way to go based on the relationship I’ve set up between G and E. Still don’t know, which is stalling the story out at 5 chapters. I hope your decision is an easier one! 🙂

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  2. Threesomes, I prefer between people of the same sex. For Eric, Sookie and Godric has to be early in the history, to be acceptable relationship between the three (I mean before it is revealed that Sookie is monogamous)

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  3. I agree with everything you said. Reading is a pleasure and picking stories I enjoy is the first step to that pleasure. I too have read both varieties of E/S/G stories. The good ones succeed because the overarching theme is their love and devotion for each other. The ones that fail (at least for me) were the ones that solely focused on the physical aspects of their relationship, making them read more like an anatomy lesson than a love story.
    Look forward to reading wherever your muse takes us.

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    1. Yes, LOL! Tab A into Slot B, Here come Tab C….and so on. Boring. My eyes end up fuzzy and I click away, never to return. I hope I can make you happy with where my story takes me. 🙂


  4. You need to write what you want. I personally like E/S/G stories but if I didn’t I just would stop reading that particular story and continue with your other stories instead. Looking forward to updates!

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    1. Thank you for your honesty. I know not everything some of my favorite authors write is my cup of tea either. But I still get a kick of where their mind takes me. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂


      1. I try to be honest when I comment. And if I don’t like something one of you wrote I usually just stop reading and move onto another story but I don’t feel the need to tell authors I don’t like it. Don’t understand the mentality that is needed to write hurtful or hateful reviews…


  5. It’s your story, it will take you where it takes you, follow it, it’s worth it to be true to your voice. That being said, I too love a good E/S/G story, it can be awesome if done well and with your mad, crazy skillz, I’m sure it will be wonderful no matter which way you go! Can’t wait for your coming updates

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  6. Hi! Just to put my two cents in . . . I love a well written E/S/G story. In fact I look for them. The first I ever read were by Mavrosal and they grabbed me hard. She is still one of my all time favorite writers out there. You are doing great and if you go for three that is fine by me.

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    1. Oh, I love Mavrosal! First E/S/G story I ever read as well. Or maybe anyone had read? I wonder what the date was?…anywho. I have a good feeling and some great feedback from my brilliant readers and fellow authors. I can’t wait to revel the results. 🙂 Thank you! 🙂


  7. I love e/s/g stories! I’m not a believer that this is really doable in rl but there is something about this particular relationship that I love. I think it have to so with the love we saw between the characters while on the show that makes this believable for me. Eric and Godric are obviously very close and love each other very much and we know that Eric already has a thing for Sookie. The good stories work on her getting over her reluctance and not just jumping into bed with them both. But with these characters I can totally see them all together like this. It’s not an easy thing to write I’m sure but with everything I’ve read from you I’m sure you’d nail it! (Hehe!)

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    1. I agree. This is pure fantasy, I know people do it and more power to them. But me, I’ll just write and read about it. 🙂 I like the getting over her reluctance thing. Thinking back you are right, I want her eager but not turning off her brain. It’s a fine line. Thank you for the confidence, I hope I do…nail it… 🙂


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