! New Update Alert!

The Worst is Yet to Come…

Believe it! The next chapter of my never-to-be one-shot is here. Click on the banner below to get right to it!

Thank you for the overwhelming attention and smile that each of you have given me.

I am feeling the love!

To answer many of your questions, the song I picked, listened too, obsessed over…

is only right, in part.

Sookie was not a hussy, looking for more boyfriends to fill the space on her walls.

To me, she was someone who desperately needed to show all of her emotions. Really wear them on her sleeve. By the time we see her in Book 11, she has been through a lot. Bare minimum, an emotional outburst was overdue. And once again, in my opinion. CH never delivered. And…I pulled a Bradley Cooper, throwing the book across the room, screeching something about the tactic of Sookie avoiding a

confrontation with Eric as being: “Unbelievable!”

Or so I remember…vaguely.

I think there are times in our lives where…we snap. Emotionally, it’s all too much. Are we unhinged? Maybe temporarily, but we can snap back together and usually with more strength than ever before.

Sookie is not having a psychotic break, but if she was. So what, I think she

may have earned it!


Without further ado, please click on the banner and enjoy the next chapter!

Much Love,



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