My site…my sight!

Hello Darling Readers,

First of all,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I appreciate all the support and reviews of my work. You all make this the best artistic expression I am currently engaged in.

Thank you!


I am doing my best to make my WP site…readable…

For now it’s just there. I wish I was computer literate enough to resolve my many issues with you all getting updates and scrolling through my page. Rest assured I WILL figure it out. Who knows maybe the WP fairy will pay my site a visit.

Please God!


In the meantime, I am furiously working away on Dead and Loving It!, Scratches and a New Story. I believe the new fic will be a one-shot but, the more I edit and add. And add, well, let’s aim for a three part-er instead. I blame these crazy characters who just want to talk and talk.

Much love to you all! Have a great night!



8 thoughts on “My site…my sight!

    1. I need it, as you can see from my site. I find myself more interested in writing than cleaning up my mess. So weird because before it would have been the opposite. 🙂 Let me ask…if you know. I want to add a music video…or song. Is that just a media upload into the page?


      1. When you have the page open there is an add media button and one of the options is Insert YouTube, you can type in the name of the song and artist and it will pull it up, select it and and then hit insert in the bottom right corner. It looks like a link but when you post the page it turns into the video :).


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