I hate you too, laptop!



So here I am logging back into chapter 4 to polish and shine when I can’t find anything expect for my outline.

Don’t freak out yet….

Still can’t find….

Ask hubby…who gives me a what are you talking about look…






A string of obscenities follows and I slam the lid close. A bit dramatic but I’m mad.


So I am off to recreate and hopefully get you a new chapter in the next few days. 🙂

Thank you to all of you fabulous readers who enjoy my work and leave me comments. I am always tickled pink to see so many positive responses. Thanks you from the bottom of my heart!




6 thoughts on “I hate you too, laptop!

  1. OMG, I would cry. What do you use? I have Pages for my Mac and I can use it across devices and it saves to a cloud. Maybe something like that would be good so it’s not just on one machine?

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    1. The crazy thing is I have the cloud. So when hubs left for law school I could work on the desktop. Clearly, its user error. I have already started re working chapter 4 and I think it will still be ok. I did save my outline separately in an email. Thank Godric!
      Thank you for the warm thoughts 🙂

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