Happy New Year!


Ok, so it’s not quite New Year 2015 in my time zone but I know it is in many others around the globe. I hope you all have a safe night with friends, family and a few drinks. But please, drive home with a designated driver.

I am looking forward to bringing you plenty of new stories and one-shots throughout the 2015! Ekek! I have been drinking a touch as I write this….I’m uncensored. But lucky me spell check works otherwise you all wouls see maby more mirajes….mistakes. Holy Fuck! This is why I love my friend and BETA, the lovey MySecretOFanFiction. If you haven’t read her work, I ask…why the hell not? Incredible! Check it out.

I am obsessed with reading these authors, you may be too!

check out:




To name a few, I have so many authors I want to share…maybe I should make a list. Hm, yes. Well, wine and hubby are calling to watch a movie before the ball drop. So I bid you all a found farewell to 2014 and a big how-do-you-do to 2015!

Happy New Year!

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