I’ll just leave this right here…


You caught me in bed. Or writing about what happens in that bed. Or what the bed…yes, the bed feels like. Warm furs and hard muscle with a firm ass. I mean, the bed had feather touch sheets!

Anyway, I have been a busy bee, writing and enjoying Thanksgiving and now almost Christmas with my family.

Please, don’t worry, you will be getting a new chapter of Dead and Loving it! soon, as well as two brand-spanking-new stories. That’s right. I have been writing as fast as Eric and Sookie thrust-shit, I mean talk. Talking is what they are doing.

(You saw the picture, right?)

Can anyone else not stop looking at that picture. Just Wow!

Be on the lookout for an update in your inbox next week. I also just want to gush and fangirl myself over you beautiful readers for following my musings and tales. I am so thrilled with your response to my work. Thank you! I try to respond to everyone, but if I don’t. Just know I love you for reading and reviewing, whenever you have a moment.

See you all soon!


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